Common Garage Door FAQs

Your garage door is one of the most significant investments in your house and is responsible for completing the overall style of your home and your curb’s appeal.
Other than parking your car, it offers you convenient storage to store your tools and other seasonal items.

Here are some of the answers to the common frequently asked questions about garage doors.

Common Garage Door FAQs

- Garage Door Repair Questions

My garage door can’t Open. What should I do?

There are many reasons why your garage door might not open.
You can do some of the fixes by yourself, but it would be best to engage a local garage door contractor to avoid bigger problems.
Make sure you understand the
 common garage door problems and handy tips to handle them.

Why is my garage door flimsy and shaky whenever I open it?

When your garage feels like it’s going to fall off the track whenever you open or close it, the underlying problem is likely to be the pulleys. Please do not attempt to replace the pulleys by yourself because it’s extremely risky. A qualified garage door technician will help you fix the cables professionally.

Can Calgary Garage Door help me make my garage door operate quietly?

YES, we fix clunky garage doors and fix them right. We can help you make your door the quietest in your block.

Does my garage door require maintenance?

Your garage door is an investment that requires care and attention, just like any part of your home. The general rule of thumb is to have the door serviced at least once per year.

- New Garage Door Questions

What type of garage door should I get for my house?

 The most common garage doors are steel doors because they are durable, cost-efficient, and almost maintenance-free.
You may also want to consider other types of doors to see, which matches your personality and complements your home’s style.

Do I need garage door insulation?

 There are four main reasons why an insulated garage door is worth the investment.

  • Saves energy
  • Insulated garage door make lesser noise
  • Retains warmth
  • Insulated garage doors are more durable

- Garage Door Opener Questions

Do you sell, replace and repair garage door openers? 

We sell high quality door openers that enhance safety and prevent any unforeseen mishaps in your home.
Here are some of the
 signs and symptoms that it’s time to get a new garage door opener.

What size opener (horsepower) is best for my garage door?

 The horsepower of your garage door opener is largely dependent on how often you are ready to replace it and the size of the door.
There are different types of suggested garage door openers, so feel free to talk to us, and we will be more than willing to assist you in choosing the best for your door.

Why are the lights on my garage door opener flashing, causing my door not to close?

When the garage door lights flash, and the door doesn’t close all the way, it is a clear indication that the safety sensors have a problem.
It is advisable to engage your garage door service provider to repair the sensors.

Why did my garage door suddenly stop working?

The three main reasons behind your garage door’s opener failure to work include:

  • An obstruction within the safety eyes of the garage door.
  • The battery in the remote needs replacement.
  • The lock or vacation button is on making the door not to open.

Do garage door openers offer LED lighting?

Yes. Modern garage door openers have LED lighting.

- Garage Door Spring Questions

Can I fix a garage door spring by myself? 

The answer is simple and precise. No.
Doing it yourself is dangerous, and you could potentially hurt yourself or even die!

Can you fix my garage door springs?

Our company comes forward as an affordable solution to garage door spring replacement. Our replacement springs are heavy-duty, high cycle, and oil tempered that longer than typical garage door springs.

Which garage door springs are the best for my garage?

You can either have the extension or the torsional springs. Torsional springs are put above your door extension, and extension springs are placed on the sides of your garage door.

For any question and more information on garage doors, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 403-456-2415 and we will be more than willing to assist.

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