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Repair and replace garage remotes

The garage remote meant one less chore for a busy human, and its malfunction can be very distressing.
Few things are as deflating as pressing you’r garage remote, after a tiring day at work, and receiving no response.
Luckily, here at Calgary Garage Doors & Openers, we repair and replace garage remotes and save you the stress of having an unresponsive garage door. 

Garage door remote (clicker)

garage door won't open with remote!?

Reasons Your Garage Door Remote Control Won’t Work

Your remote may stop working for several reasons; some of the most common ones are:

  • The Batteries– This is one of the most common reasons remotes don’t work. It is essential to check if your batteries are depleted before calling in the technicians.
    Most garage door remotes use AA or AAA batteries that are easily replaceable.
  • Signal Disruption- If your garage door is unresponsive to the remote, this is likely due to signal disruption. You’r remote, like any other wireless devices, use waves that are vulnerable to disruption. These disruptions may be because of transmitter damage, or distance.
  • Lock Button Engagement– This simple gaffe can give you unnecessary headaches. You may have accidentally engaged the lock button. Before calling the army next time your garage door is unresponsive, kindly check the lock button.

Many garage remote owners are curious about the functionality of their garage remotes. These are some of the FAQs about Garage Remotes people ask;

Garage Door Remote FAQ's

How Much Does A Replacement Cost?

Getting a new garage remote will set you back close $125-200 depending on the brand. Entry-level brands like Chamberlain are cheaper, but the price increases as you move up the line.

Are Garage Remotes Universal?

Some garage remotes are compatible with most, if not all, of the brands out there. However, most remote companies also create replacements for each model that are easy to find.

Can I Replace Only The Remote?

Absolutely. If the issue with your garage door is the remote, in most cases, you only get to replace the remote. You don’t have to replace the entire system to get your garage door working again.

Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Remote

This depends on the severity of the issue. Most issues are simple to fix, such as replacing batteries while others may require complete replacement.

Here at Calgary Garage Door, we offer solutions to all your Garage door problems. Contact us today and let us help you fix your garage remote issues.

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