Garage Door Weatherstrip

Garage Door Weather Seals Replacement in Calgary

If your garage door weather stripping is worn out, you may be paying more than you should for heating and cooling.
At Calgary Garage Door, we install garage door weather stripping professionally and accurately so you don’t have to worry about air leaking through the garage door.

benefit of garage door weather Seals:

Weather stripping your garage door serves to seal the door properly.
The main benefits of garage door weather stripping are:

  • It keeps your energy bills lower by preventing cooling and heating from escaping through the garage door.
  • The seal limits pests from entering your garage and home.
  • It prevents dust and other particles from entering the garage and damaging your property.
Garage Door Weatherstrip Replacement in Calgary

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When Do You Need to Change the Weatherstrip on Your Garage Door?

Signs that you’r garage door needs weatherstrip replacement may not be obvious, but homeowners should pay attention to their weatherstrip to prevent pests from entering their home and unintended energy costs.
Homeowners should inspect their garage door weather stripping regularly and look for the following signs that the weather stripping needs to be replaced.:

  • If you feel a draft coming from the garage door, the weather stripping is not properly sealing the door.
  • If you can see light from outside the door coming through the weatherstrip, it could indicate damaged or worn weather stripping.
  • Upon close inspection,  weatherstrip that needs replacement may be cracked or peeling.
  • If weatherstrip is missing or pieces are missing, it should be replaced immediately.

weather stripping FAQ's

How much weatherstrip will I need?

Installing new weather stripping involves using the right weatherstrip and tools. Fitting the weather stripping also requires making precise cuts and measurements.
It is best to trust the experts at Calgary Garage Door to ensure a proper seal.

How long does weatherstrip last?

High-quality weather stripping that has been installed properly can last five years without needing replacement.
The lifespan of the garage door weather stripping may be reduced by inclement weather can and wear.

What is weatherstrip made of?

Weatherstrip can be made from a variety of materials.
Most garage doors use plastic or rubber weather stripping due to the longevity of the material, but metal is also a common choice.

Does a garage that is separate from the home still need weather stripping?

Garages that are built separate from the home and commercial garages still benefit from weather stripping.
Although you may not worry about energy efficiency, weather stripping keeps pests from invading the space, and vehicles from being damaged by dust and debris.

Calgary Garage Door will ensure that your garage door is properly sealed with new garage door weather stripping.
If you want to save energy and protect your property with new weather stripping, contact us or call 403-456-2415 today.


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