Garage Door Panel Replacement

Bent or broken garage door panel replacement

When your garage door panels are broken or worn, replacement is the best solution to make your garage door look and function like new. For a professional restoration of your garage door, call the experts at Calgary Garage Door. Our mobile garage door technicians can quickly fix your garage door in Calgary, AB.

Bent garage door panel replacement Calgary
Bent garage door panel replacement Calgary

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What we will need to know about you garage door

  • To order a replacement garage door panel section, the we will need to know:

    • the model of the door
    • the size of the section to be replaced
    • the color
    • which section is needed: top, bottom or middle
    • The type of door (Wood, Metal, Glass..)

Make Your Garage Door Like New Again

Whether you need a single panel replaced or the entire garage door, Calgary Garage Door is ready when you call. Replacing a broken garage door or a single panel does more than just improve the appearance—it can increase the security, insulation, and curb appeal your garage door provides.
Replacing a single garage door panel is possible on your own, but if you aren’t up to the task, and want the job done right the first time, our professional technicians provide convenient from your home or business.
Our technicians will also help you determine how to get the best appearance and longevity for your price.

Garage Door Panel Replacement - FAQs

Can I save money by replacing individual garage door panels?

In most cases, if the garage door is in otherwise great condition, replacing a single panel is the most inexpensive and quick way to fix it.

How can I make sure the new panel will match the colour of the garage door?

An older garage door may fade in the sun and weather, making a near-perfect match difficult.
A quick waxing and buffering will rejuvenate your old panels, bringing them closer to the original colour.

When does it make sense to replace the entire garage door?

If your garage door has significant damage, it may be less expensive to replace the entire garage door rather than individual panels.
Older garage door panels may not be readily available, so the replacement of a single panel may no longer be a good option.

If you’re considering a complete replacement of your garage door or just need a panel replaced, call us today at (403) 456-2415. Our mobile technicians will come to you with a convenient and affordable solution in the Calgary, AB area.

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