Garage Door Keypads

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A garage door keypad makes it easier and convenient for you to operate your automatic garage door opener.
The keypad mainly consists of a button remote that requires a security code to open, such that anyone with the code can conveniently access the garage.

At Calgary garage door, we supply, repair, and replace your Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Linear, and Craftsman garage door openers at affordable prices.

In our years of experience with garage door keypads, we have come across many different reasons why the keypad stops working, and common FAQ’s about them.
We have compiled them for you and added some insightful troubleshooting tips to help you easily fix garage door problems.

Garage Door Keypads

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5 Main Reasons Why Garage Door Keypads Stop Working

  • A depleted battery- When the battery gets depleted, the keypad ceases to work. You should replace the keypad’s battery with a new one. Most keypads use a 9-volt rectangular battery that you can easily find within our inventory.
  • When the keypad needs to be reprogrammed– After replacing the battery, and the keypad does not work, you should consider reprogramming it. If reprogramming does not work, clear the keypad’s memory and reprogram again.
  • An issue with the keypad’s buttons- More often than not, the keypad’s button becomes rigid and non-functional due to dirt and grit collecting in them. You can confirm this by reprogramming with a completely different pin, and if it works, one of the numbers in the old pin might have stopped working.
  • An expired temporary pin- A temporary pin cannot open the door once it expires. Ensure you clear the keypad’s memory and program a new keyless entry.
  • The surface where the keypad is mounted is interfering with the signal– Interference with keypad’s signals causes the door not to work. The rule of thumb is placing the keypad on a piece of wood or adding rubber grommets between the keypad and the mounting surface.  

Common FAQ's About Garage Door Keypads

Are keypads universal?

Some keypads are universally compatible, while some are not. If you have an older garage door, a universal keypad may be the best option for you since they work with almost all door openers.
Besides, brands like the Liftmaster makes keypads that are compatible with their older door opener models.

Why isn't my garage door keypad working?

We have addressed the common reasons why the keypad might suddenly stop working.
If you are unable to solve the problem this far, you should consult your garage door technician.

Can I change the code for my garage door opener?

Absolutely. You can change the code whenever you feel insecure or if you simply forget the code. Besides, changing the security code every once in a while is an excellent safety measure for your home and family.

Can someone interfere with my radio signal from my keypad and get to my garage?

If you have a Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Linear, or a Craftsman brand keypad, it is nearly impossible for someone to open your garage when you are away since they come with rolling codes.

How do I troubleshoot my garage door keypad?

Troubleshooting keypad problems is relatively easy, and you can solve minor issues in a matter of minutes. Some of the tips to help you include:

  • Fix the frayed wires.
  • Check for grit and dirt that might make your keypad buttons get stuck.
  • Reset and reprogram the keypad pin.
  • Reboot the whole system if the reprogramming does not work.

If you have any more concerns about you’r garage door keypad, or you need a professional to fix your garage door, feel free to talk to us, and we will be glad to assist you.

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