Garage Door Opener Gear Repair

Stripped garage door opener gear replacement

If you press the button to open your garage door and hear the motor, but the door doesn’t open, the gear and sprocket may need to be replaced.
A garage door that does not open is commonly caused by a broken drive gear, worm gear, or sprocket.
At Calgary Garage Door, our professionals can repair or replace your gear and sprocket at a fraction of the cost of replacing a garage door opener.

Gears Repair in a Garage Door Opener

GET you'r gear replaced today!

Garage Door Opener Gear and Sprocket Repair

The garage door opener gear is an important part of the garage door.
The gear connects the motor to the sprocket which turns the chain or belt to open the door.
A broken gear or sprocket may be the result of friction from the following:

  • The belt or chain is loose
  • A collapsed bushing
  • A worn spring

Increased friction can cause the teeth of the nylon gear to be worn down or eventually lead to the sprocket snapping.
The motor of the garage door opener will continue to run, but the door will not open if the gear or sprocket is broken.
At Calgary Garage Door we work with all the top garage door opener brands and can repair this common issue with same day mobile service.

Symptoms of garage door opener worn gear

  • Grinding noise inside the motor unit.
  • The motor is working, but the chain is not moving at and the garage door is not opening.
  • Removed the plastic cover for the motor assembly and check for white plastic shavings on the bottom of the cover.
  • Gear is worn out with all teeth almost completely stripped.

The garage door opener motor turns the worm gear to move the gear and sprocket when the garage door is opened or closed.
When the teeth of the worm gear are worn out, it will not be able to turn the gear connected to the sprocket. 
A garage door opener with a broken worm gear will not open, but the motor may be working.
Our professional technicians have the tools and experience to repair all the major branded garage door openers.
After any repair, we will ensure the open and close limits are properly adjusted and the garage door opener is working. 

If your garage door doesn’t open when you press the garage door opener button, contact Calgary Garage Door or call us at (403) 456-2415.
We are a local repair provider and serve the Calgary area with expert garage door repairs.

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